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keke Napep was converted to helicopter by Nigerian man

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Like: 986 || 01.January.2017

  wizzyjay PM

The tricycle was converted into helicopter thus eliciting reactions from Nigerians Credit: Gossip Meal Nigeria

A Nigerian man has shown his talent in Warri, Delta state by turning his tricycle, better known as keke NAPEP, into helicopter.

With three tires, the huge hand-made helicopter looks exactly like a normal one except that it is not factory-constructed.

The innovation has received a lot of commendations with Nigerians calling on the federal government to look into how to assist the ‘manufacturer ‘ if the talk about improving science and technology is real.

One of those who commended the innovation, Okoye Godwin Muna Jnr, said: “Some people will look at this and say the keke man is stupid for wasting his time to build something like this, but this is to show you that people in this part of the world are highly innovative and in dying need of a platform that will shape them into world class standards.

“But they are in the wrong side of the map their talents will only end in the front page of newspapers and bloggers using them to get likes and views.

“Talents like this should be fished out in any village it is and sent on a special training that kind of passion can create a multi-million dollar business that will be beneficial to his community.


The helicopter converted from tricycle

“We need a revolution!! We need to wake up!! We need to Gerry things right in this part of the world!!!”
Another respondent, Michael Ogunronbi, described the innovation as very creative.

He said: “In developed world, these kinds of talents become Bill Gate, Mark Zukerberg, etc. In Nigeria, they become destructive militants, BokoHaram, etc. Pity!”
A Nigerian, Omonire Ovwigho Isaac, said from the innovation, it showed that the man constructed the helicopter from the scratch.

“In Nigeria the only sellable talent is music and comedy and that's why people are going extra mile to do wicked jazz and rituals to get celebrated.

“But the man who builds car, helicopter, aeroplane, ship, guns and etcetera is to die without caring about him and his talent,” he said.
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