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Check out the catfish that has human teeth - These photos will freak you out!

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Like: 66 || 26.October.2016

  wizzyjay PM

It is no surprise that there are quite a few
freaky things in the world but imagine these
fishermen’s surprise when he caught a
catfish which happened to have a set of
teeth that looked like they belonged to a

According to reports, the fishermen in Australia,
where the fish was caught, were so amazed by
the phenomenon that they immediately set it
back in the water.

Not only did the teeth look human, they look
like the perfect pair anyone would give their
right arm to have.

Perhaps there is a very
talented dentist under water?


Anyway, we will be taking this story with the
proverbial grain of salt as no official
confirmation of the existence of the fish.

Guys, what do you think, is this fish real?
(Strange things have happened, right?) Or this is
a fake? (People would do anything to get in the
media these days).
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