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Trouble! No more EMPLOYMENT in public service, Buhari’s minister Adeosun declares

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Like: 138 || 26.October.2016

  wizzyjay PM

– The current federal government may have
reneged on its promise to ensure
employment of Nigerians in the face of a
grim economic reality

– The government, according to minister
Kemi Adeosun, is adopting a new strategy to
ensure that the citizens get alternative
employment not necessarily with the

– While speaking to the a committee of the
Senate, she also talked about what the 2017
budget would look like
The government of President Muhammadu
Buhari may have put a stop to employment into
the civil service, Kemi Adeosun, the country’s
finance minister, has reportedly said.
The administration had promised massive
reduction in the rate of unemployment in the
country while the All Progressives Congress
(APC) campaigned during the 2015 general

Finance minister Kemi Adeosun says
government can no longer employ Nigerians
Adeosun reportedly told the Senate on Tuesday,
October 25, 2016, that the government no
longer had no reason to take more people into
the public sector.

Nigeria is currently suffering from a huge
economic crunch and an inability to make the
2016 budget perform optimally.

The APC also recently took responsibility for the
country’s current woes but promised that 2017
would witness a positive lift.
She said what the government planned to do
now is strengthen the private sector for more
jobs to be created.

The Herald reports that apart from this, the
minister maintained that the government would
sustain its over N6 trillion national budget in

Read what Adeosun said:

“Even when the economy was growing, when
GDP was eight and nine, we had a massive
unemployment problem especially our
graduates. I’m sure most of us know that
graduates stayed for up to ten years without
jobs and the only sector that was really creating
jobs was government and government now, has
now reached its limit, that a 165 billion amount,
I don’t think government can reasonably
employ any more people so we have to develop
our private sector and to do that, we need

“So, this government is really set about driving
infrastructures and that is what we have been
trying to do. Everything we have been trying to
do, whether it’s been chasing ghost workers,
whether it’s efficiency, it all end on one thing-
creating that head road so that we can invest in

“We know that if you build a road, in 40 or 50
years time, it would still be there but when you
go for training and you go and come back, it’s
over. So, it’s a different kind of demand but we
think that it’s the foundation of getting this
economy moving and creating jobs for our
people. So, we have embarked on that, we have
been releasing capitals for roads, for power and
for so many things. But we have uncovered
some challenges, some of which I think we will
be coming back to speak to you as a committee.

“Some of the contractors haven’t been paid
since 2012, so they just sat on the money and
little can they be blamed because their problem
is ‘how do I know that this money I have, I
would be able to get another one for the next
four years.’ So, while we expect them to go back
to sites, in fact, in some cases, the bank even sat
on their money, didn’t even allow them access
to the money at all. The inspecting activities
which everybody thought would be forthcoming
has not been forthcoming, we have to solve that
problem. I would be coming to talk to you on
what we are proposing to do.

“We believe that most people in Nigeria,
whether contractors, whether…., are owed
something by the federal government and we
have to sit down and sort it out. The same
problem with the states, they too, are claiming
that they are owed, the reason why they can’t
pay is that they are owed by the federal
government. So we need to have a discussion,
deal with the problem so that the economy can
move forward.

“There’s good news on the horizon in the sense
that the prediction that the oil price will be as
low as $20 proved to be false alarm and the
prediction now is that the oil price will stabilize
between $50 and $60, so what Nigeria now has
to do is to balance her books so that if it is $50,
even if it is $40, we will be able to balance.

“I want to tell you that most of the initiatives
have really elicited a lot of savings. We have
been able to reduce our payroll. The first
payroll I saw when I came here was N165billion
and I think the last one I signed was N165billion,
it’s going down every month. We are removing
ghost workers, we are removing dead people,
we are removing those who should have never
been there in the first place and that is a
continuous exercise we must keep up.

“Honestly, we believe that government has to
be very frugal with public money money
because it’s scarce and this money belongs to
everybody, so we can’t spend it any how. We
have to spend it judiciously. I want to really
assure you that we are committed to that
because we can say that if we can complete one
or two major projects, this economy can

“We are working very hard with the Ministry of
Transportation on the rail project which will
bring rail back from Lagos to Kano. That corridor
will open up our agriculture, instead of carrying
goods on the roads.

“We believe this will create a lot of jobs for our
people. Similarly, we are working with the
Ministry of Works for our new major road
projects including looking at how we can maybe
get some private sector money so that we can
do some tar roads because we believe that
when somebody spends five hours on the road,
on a journey that should take one hour, he has
already paid the toll, whether is not in terms of
his tyre, or his petrol or his time or his health.

“So, if you ask that person to pay N200 and do
that journey in 50 minutes, I don’t think
Nigerians would have a problem. What we want
is infrastructures.

“We have gotten together another public private
initiative – the Family Homes Fund, which is
private sector driven and the aim of that fund is
to find a finances solution to housing
development for low cost housing. Most of the
houses are around N700 million or less and
people will be able to put down just ten percent
and park in and then pay the rest over up to 20
years under mortgage system.

“I want to tell you that I remain very confident
about our economy. By this time next year, this
economy will become a different economy. Just
think within, don’t lose heart, we are going to be
able to turn around the economy because now,
the oil price is stable, we have stabilized our
finances, a lot of the waste has stopped. A lot of
the stealing has also stopped so it’s only for us
now to start completing some projects.”
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